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Winner of the Storytelling World Honor Award

This humorous folktale from Vietnam, retold by Rob Cleveland, tells the story of Tiger, who was once the proudest animal of the jungle. He was even prouder than the peacock. Of course what Tiger was most proud of was his beautiful golden coat. But unfortunately for Tiger, he did not have wisdom and was jealous that only Man seemed to possess it. So Tiger approached Man and demanded that he give Tiger his wisdom. Man then uses his wisdom to outsmart Tiger when he finds himself tied to a tree with a rope. While trying to escape, Tiger burns his coat on the rope, leaving permanent stripes on his beautiful golden coat. This wisdom story will teach readers the importance of courage, caring and resourcefulness.

This award-winning story is a "pourquoi" tale from Vietnam. Pourquoi tales are origin stories that explain why an animal or plant looks or acts the way it does. This is one of many stories told across Asia that deal with the origin of the tiger's stripes. Rob Cleveland is storyteller-in-residence at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, Georgia and is the author of several Story Cove books.

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