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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by sci-fi great, George O. Smith. “Operation Interstellar” is a grand piece of space opera. For years men had struggled with the linking up of real-time planetary communications. They said the theory wasn’t sound. It seemed impossible. But Paul Grayson had been working with the Z-wave in the hope of establishing the legitimacy of his own theories. But so far, success had eluded him. No one would give him a chance to test his findings. The closer he came to proving the validity of his theories, the harder multiple political factions worked against him…including his own boss! This George Smith novel is riddled with intrigue, murder, and good old-fashioned space opera in this classic tale from the golden years of science fiction. The second novel is Milton Lesser’s “The Thing from Underneath.” From deep within the Earth’s bowels they came… It seemed impossible. Gold from Fort Knox being stolen? Priceless bars of gold were missing from what was one of the best protected, most impregnable structures on Earth. Or was it? Then one day bars of gold starting disappearing from within one of the Fort’s most secure underground chambers, setting off a panic that soon rippled through the entire United States government. How was it even possible? It wasn’t until a scaly green arm reached out and dragged a guard into one of the Fort’s deepest gold vaults that the truth was guessed: we were being invaded! Invaded by a race of creatures from deep inside the Earth…