What does the future hold for us? This anthology of twenty diverse stories from authors around the world shows us a future full of adventure, intrigue, fun, heart-ache, and wonder. Contestants go head-to-head in the supershark-infested waters of the Extreme Chess Olympiad! A wheelchair-bound girl is being stalked in the physical world by the victims of her online supremacy. A young Kurd has the cure for all the world’s ills, but only if she can convince a prominent politician to take her new prosocial regimen. Knowing next to nothing about our biology, a young alien ambassador hilariously attempts to provide care for a panda grown from raw genetic samples. A new implant allows an autistic girl to communicate with those around her through music, but this huge leap forward in medicine is not without consequences. And many more. The future is as infinite as the stars. Let’s go explore it!